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The Making of Albert Mady Jr.

Albert C. Mady was born in Windsor on September 1, 1958 from Lebanese and Jordanian descent. He is the son of business man and Arabic community leader Albert C. Mady Sr., who was born in the Sudbury, Ontario Area on August 17, 1925, and was married to Nadia {Jumean} Mady in Madaba, Jordan in 1957.

Albert Mady’s grandfather Shahin Abdullah Mady came first to North America. He traveled from Jdeidet Marjayoun Lebanon, to Madaba Jordan, then to Grand Rapids Michigan in the early 1900’s then moved to Sault Ste Marie, then to the Sudbury Ontario area where he established a hotel, bar, and grocery store.

In 1940 he moved to Windsor Ontario, becoming a successful business man. In 1950 he established Mady’s “Big Boy” Restaurants and Mady’s Furniture Store, later passing away in 1955.

Albert Mady Sr. and his brother’s and sister’s continued the work their father started. Albert Mady Sr. through his business and high profile political contacts, helped sponsor many Arab families to come to Canada. He provided many of them with jobs and shelter, some of which are established business leaders today.

Albert Mady Sr. and his wife Nadia also were the founders of the Jordanian club of Windsor. Albert Mady Sr. was sent to Jordan to raise the Canadian flag at the opening of the Canadian Embassy in Amman Jordan. Mr. Mady’s home is full of pictures presenting him with people such as, The Honorable Paul Martin Sr., The Honorable Prime Minister Paul Martin Jr., The Honorable Eugene Whelan, The Honorable Herb Gray, The Honorable Mark MacGuigan and the Honorable Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad of Jordan, and His Royal Majesty, the late King Hussein of Jordan.

The Rise of Albert Mady

Albert Mady Jr. attended M.S. Hetherington Public School, Riverside Secondary School, Brennan Secondary School, St. Clair College. Albert’s three sisters are Rhonda, Tanya and Sue. Albert is married to Angela; they have two children, Chucky and Nicole, Daughter in law Kelly and Grandsons Matteo and Kayden Business Profile Albert Mady Jr. has been training in the martial arts for 55 plus years and teaching martial arts since 1974.

He established the Mady’s Institute of Isshinryu Karate in 1980. He began his martial arts training in Judo around 1968 and then Isshinryu Karate under Robert Markovich who ran the Okinawan Karate Club of Windsor, his other direct instructors were , Lloyd Russette and Harry Acklin, His instructor today is Grand Master Lewis Lizotte a 10th degree black belt. Albert Mady has training in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Isshinryu, Kyokushin Kai, Ryu Kyu Kempo, Tuite, Shorinji Ryu, Toyama Ryu Iaido, Wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and Kobudo.

He has also trained with many people in many other styles by attending as many seminars has he could. Albert has traveled not only to teach but also to spread his martial arts knowlege, teaching his affiliate students at there dojos across Canada, USA, Germany, Romania, India and had also taught in Denmark, Malaysia and Jordan. He has taught in all these locations world wide and in 2023 a banquet and martial arts expo was thrown in his honor in Thunder Bay Ontario, for teaching in the Northern and Western regions of Canada for the past 35 years.

There are many others schools contacting him to be part of his newly formed organization, the IKI, Isshinryu Karate International. Which is purely a training organization open to all styles who want to train politics free.

For the past 5 years Albert has also been hired by St. Clair College in Windsor ON. to teach USE OF FORCE, for the Corrections program offered by the college and running monthly classes for Canada Customs and Immigration personnel.

Albert Mady was also awarded THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL, for his work in the community and representing Canada in a great light with his travels and championships. He has also traveled in June 2017 to Irbil Iraq to help in setting up and presenting an MMA demonstration on the Coalition military base for the soldiers, featuring UFC stars.

Martial Arts Ranks and Achievements

Albert Mady, has been a champion competitor, KATA, KUMITE, KNOCKDOWN and WEAPONS.

Albert is the first in Canada to achieve a 9th degree black belt in the Okinawa style of Isshinryu karate at the age of 47 years old, on July 7th 2006, and recognized with the title of “Hanshi”. This promotion was a media event held here in Windsor at the former Cleary Auditorium, where Albert Mady also hosted the American Okinawan Association World Isshinryu Championships. This was the first time the event was held in Canada.

• 2003 AOKA, American Okinawan Karate Association: Dojo of the year.

• 2006 Inducted into the International Isshinryu Karate Hall of Fame, {1st and only Canadian}

• 2006 Inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame {1st and only Canadian, other past inductees,Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Heilio Gracie, just to name a few.}

• 2006 Life Time achievement award, International Karate and Kobudo Association of India, {1st Canadian and only Canadian}

• 2007, World Head of Family Sokeship, International Hall of Fame, Best Martial Arts School in Canada

• 2007, The Grand Master Don Nagle Legion of Honor Hall of Fame Inductee

•2008 Inducted into the Grand Master Don Nagle, Legion of Honor Hall of Fame

•2008 Appreciation Award, 1st International Martial Arts Festival, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Awarded by the Government of Malaysia

•2008 18th World Peace Congress Convention, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Diplomat Award.

•2008 Inducted into the Master Don Bohan, Martial Arts Hall of Fame for exceptional leadership, accomplishment and contributions to the martial arts

•2009 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, inductee, LIVING LEGEND AWARD. .

•2012 THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II, DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL. For outstanding accomplishments and contributions to community and Canada

•2013 World Wide Winners Hall of Fame, Grand Master of the year, presented by Grand Master Riaz Baig

•2014 Inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship, International Martial Art Hall of Fame, "INTERNATIONAL GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR"

•International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame Inductee,

•World Head of Family Sokeship Council, International Hall of Fame

•Masters Hall of Fame inductee 2016 Windsor and Essex County Sports Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee

•2017 Grand Master Don Nagle Hall of Fame

•Guardian of Isshinryu 2017

•2018 1st Canadian to be inducted into the BRUCE LEE and Legends Martial Arts Hall of Honour

•2018, Columbus Ohio, By Supreme Grand Master, Joon Pyo Choi. Held in conjunction with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Expo

•2019-Hanshi Albert Mady, at the Arnold Classic, in Columbus Ohio was Inducted into the 2019 Battle of Columbus Hall of Honor, Legends of Martial Arts and Bruce Lee Hall of Honor, “Life Time Achievement” Category.

Many Isshinryu championships, kumite, kata, weapons championships Kyokushin kata, weapons and knockdown champion


Hanshi, Ku Dan director of IKI. ISSHINRYU KARATE INTERNATIONAL: CANADA, USA, Romania, Germany , India OIKKA Member and Affiliate Life time member, American Isshinryu IFK. USA. KYOKUSHIN AFFILIATE.

•American Okinawan Karate Association, FMR board member

•North American Kyokushin Organization, Technical adviser

•Mady's Institute of Isshinryu karate

•Ontario Amateur Kickboxing Council, board member FRM

•Isshinryu Karate Canada, IKC, director

•Ontario Hand Gun Association

•International Isshinryu Karate Hall of Fame, FRM board member

•USE OF FORCE, Fmr Instructor for St. Clair College, Border Services program and Corrections program


The Mady School of Martial Arts, TEAM MADY, has competed, won and placed in some of the worlds most prestigious martial arts events:

•WSSA and SWOSSA Wrestiling Championship University of Windsor

•Invitational International Wrestling Championships and many others

•1985 Michigan Tough Man

•Robbie Robinson 1986 World Tough Man

•Robbie Robinson 2000

•4 WKA Canadian Kickboxing Titles in Calgary (Fighters: Kim Piedl, Karen Wiedman, Katie Dunn, Basem Balbaki)

•World Shidokan, triathlon of the martial arts

•Tomasz Kucharzewski 6 time winner along with many other Team Mady fighters since 1991, in all weight classes, including Chucky Mady world super light weight champion and Jan Kaszuba, world middle weight champion.

•World Sabaki Challenge, many winners in all weight classes

•Ultimate Test World Kyokushin Championships, Atlantic City and NYC, many winners in all weight classes

•American Internationals Kyokushin and Tri-combat, Championships, many winners in all weight classes WFKO LIGHT AND HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONS. Chucky Mady and Derek Kuchmey. Also many division champions.

•Oyama Gold Cup Canadian Kyokushin Championships

•Montreal World Kyokushin events, France, Japan, Budapest, USA, Canada.

•WFK CanadIan kickboxing title (fighters: Tom Barry, Sam Amro, Abdullah El Sahli

•WKF World Ammy MMA title (Fighter: Tom Barry)

•GAMMA World MMA championships 2019

•Singapore Grappler's Quest NAGA Joslin's grappling championships

•King of the Cage MMA

•USA and Canada Fighting Spirit Challenge


•Bahrain Bellator MMA

•Freedom Fight MMA Oneida MMA

•Fighting Spirit Maximum Fighting Championships MMA

•ROFC Amman Jordan K1, (Fighter: Tomasz Kucharzewski 5 time participant And MANY MANY OTHERS)

Contributions to the Community

Albert is a proud Windsorite, Arab/Canadian and credits his success to his school, his students and all his martial art teachers. Over the years he produced local, international and world martial arts champions.

He has taught Canadian, U.S. and Danish law enforcement personal also the Victorian Order of Nurses to defend themselves or restrain patients, the sexual Assault Center of Windsor, throughout the primary and secondary school system, along with many other organizations and continues to use his time, expertise and efforts to our community and abroad.

Albert and his team are now promoting boxing and kickboxing shows in Windsor, always bring the best to this city and abroad.



Weapons Kata

Isshinryu: Tokumine No Kun

Isshinryu: Urashi No Kun

Isshinryu: ShiShi No Kun No Dai

Isshinryu: Kusanku Sai.

Isshinryu: Chatan Yara No Sai,

Isshinryu: Hamahiga no tonfa


Empty Hand Kata

Isshinryu: Basics

Basic Kicks

Isshinryu: Seisan Kata

Isshinryu: Seiuchin

Isshinryu: Naihanchi Kata

Isshinryu: Wansu Kata

Isshinryu: Sanchin

Isshinryu: Chinto kata

Isshinryu: Kusanku Kata

Isshinryu: Sunsu Kata

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